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Wake To Dream

Lindsay Bellows

In late 2017, Lindsay Bellows released her debut Wake to Dream EP. Based on Lindsay’s compositions and her one-woman/loop pedal powered performances, the EP started as an all-acapella project, but during the recording process at Cedarsong Sound in Northern CA, Lindsay and Grammy Award-winning engineer/producer Spencer Williams agreed that without the excitement of building a song from scratch in a live setting, the recordings needed something more. As a result, the artists invited collaborators to add instrumentation like drums, keys, guitar, bass, and other percussion to the original vocal loops, finally creating the perfect groove.

The Wake to Dream debut release from Lindsay Bellows could not have come at a better time. As the world is engulfed in turbulence and chaos, Lindsay’s music gives us two things we need: hope and a way through. Her lush and liberating songs are delivered with verve and vitality -- they can range from deep and vulnerable to flirtatious and clever, but never fail to remind us to let our troubles shape us, fuel our activism and our joy, and to dance, dance, dance.
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